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How We Strive to Do Good: A Recap of AppNexus’ Global Impact Week

The week of October 20th was a particularly special one at AppNexus, but not because of anything to do with ad tech. Instead, it was AppNexus Global Impact Week, which is when AppNexians around the world carry out charitable events … Continue reading

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Charting a Course for the Future of Trading: A Recap of Our Summit

Just three months ago, some were speculating that AppNexus was planning to exit the buy-side. Speaking candidly, we understand where the sentiment was coming from. The fact is, we have been quiet on buy-side technology of late, but not because … Continue reading

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The 2017 AppNexus Women’s Leadership Forum Brought Together More Than 260 Amazing Leaders – Here’s What Went Down

Last week, the third annual AppNexus Women’s Leadership Forum brought together over 260 current and aspiring leaders for a day of important conversations at our New York City offices.

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Curiosity: The Most Valuable Thing You Can Bring to Work

This post is part of our Summer Intern Blog Series! Each of our most recent class of interns wrote a blog post on their biggest accomplishments and lessons of the summer. This installment comes from Aditya, a senior at New York University’s … Continue reading

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What Does Tomorrow’s Buy-side Look Like?

Ten years ago, when real-time bidding gave rise to programmatic advertising as we know it today, the possibilities seemed limitless to advertisers. Finally, a way to serve ads directly to their desired audiences wherever they happened to be on the … Continue reading

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