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Announcement: The AppNexus Programmable Platform Enters Open Beta

On Thursday, the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) entered Open Beta. We’re very excited about the opportunity for all our clients to use our new DSP and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Here’s a quick recap of our Open Beta … Continue reading

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Infographic: AppNexus Video Marketplace Sees 230% Growth in RTB Video Spend

Today, we’re excited to share some stats on the rapid growth of our video marketplace. Since launching the video marketplace in 2015, we’ve seen buyers, sellers, and total impressions increase significantly, with a 230% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for … Continue reading

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Announcement: Prebid Server is Integrating with AMP

Prebid is founded in the idea that publishers should be remunerated fairly for premium content and optimal user experience. As an organization, is always on the lookout for partnerships which expand publishers’ ability to provide both. To that end, … Continue reading

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All Hail Private Marketplaces!

It’s amazing how far the lowly Deal ID has come. In just a few years, Deals — also known as Private Marketplaces — have gone from a rounding error in platform spend to one of programmatic’s fastest-growing segments, already representing a … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up the Programmatic Supply Chain Starts with Transparency

At our last AppNexus Summit, we pulled together experts from across the buy-side to discuss arguably one of the biggest issues facing programmatic advertising today: the murky supply chain. Between the core pieces of ad tech required to buy programmatically, … Continue reading

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