What Does Tomorrow’s Buy-side Look Like?

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Ten years ago, when real-time bidding gave rise to programmatic advertising as we know it today, the possibilities seemed limitless to advertisers. Finally, a way to serve ads directly to their desired audiences wherever they happened to be on the internet – and all at a fair, auction-determined price.

But while programmatic has undoubtedly been a big step forward for digital advertising, has it lived up to the near-utopian promise of painlessly connecting marketers with potential customers, with cost efficiency, and in a brand-safe environment? Not yet.

But this week’s launch of the AppNexus Programmable Bidder (APP) is a step in the right direction. Our transition to this paradigm-shifting new tool is rooted in three key differentiators that we believe will be central to the DSPs that successful traders use in the future:


  1. Tomorrow’s DSPs will come with programmability that gives traders full customization of campaign targeting and bid strategy.
  2. While today’s DSPs bog traders down with repetitive tasks and complex workflows, tomorrow’s DSPs will bring more efficiency to campaign setup and free traders up for more value-added, strategic work.
  3. The DSPs of tomorrow will use machine learning to power better campaign optimization to help traders achieve better results and uncover valuable insights for the brands they work with.


Our latest white paper explores why these three differentiators are so valuable, what they’ll look like when put into action, and how they can help traders get better results for the brands they work with. Download today and get a glimpse at the future of trading!

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