Meet the Makers Behind AppNexus Header Bidding

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Header bidding has taken ad tech by storm; publishers are seeing immediate benefits by just adding a snippet of JavaScript to their website, alerting multiple exchanges that an impression on their site is available to be served. Furthermore, it alerts these different ad exchanges simultaneously so they’re bidding for the same impression at the exact, same instant.

The reality, however, is that not too long ago publishers used a waterfall approach to manage their exchange partners, serving them in order of the highest average payer to the lowest average payer.  Needless to say, while waterfalls let publishers work with more partners and make more money, they tend to be very painful to manage for a variety of reasons.

In the following videos, you’ll hear from Ben Kneen, Senior Manager of Monetization at AppNexus, on why header bidding was created and how publishers are successfully leveraging header bidding to flatten their waterfall. The proof exists in our clients’ results — and the fast rate at which our client roster continues to grow. Partners like Livingly Media already report experiencing growth of incremental revenue within two months.

Part One: Header Bidding Explained and Why Publishers Need To Use It

Part Two: Top Tips for Monetizing Your Header Bidding Strategy

To learn more about working with AppNexus on header bidding, contact us.

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