A Primer for Programmatic- The Black Friday Survival Guide

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Download the complimentary Black Friday whitepaper here and check out some of the highlights below.

Shoppers aren’t the only post-recession savvy spenders during the holiday season. In recent years, advertisers have increasingly used programmatic media to buy advertising that efficiently engages and incentivizes consumers during the biggest shopping period of the year – Black Friday and Thanksgiving Week.

AppNexus has valuable insight into this online shopping period – and year-round activity – because we transact 40 billion ad impressions a day, and will manage close to $2 billion in ad spend in 2014.  And because a majority of programmatic buying is used for direct response campaigns, the data we capture yields immediate granular information related to pricing, targeting, creative units, day parts and much more.

Armed with this valuable information, we’re excited to publish the first of a series of holiday whitepapers to help you get the best out of programmatic advertising during Thanksgiving/Black Friday week, and beyond. Some top findings are below.

Pace. Pace. Pace.

Ensuring sufficient delivery during Thanksgiving week is no small task. Based on historical trends on the AppNexus platform spend, we recommend that traders and media strategists take a proactive approach to late November campaigns. What’s the easiest way to do that? Begin campaigns as early as possible and ensure delivery in late November by increasing bid prices by the historical average – 56%. Alternatively, to avoid price spikes, minimize buying during Thanksgiving week for an always-on campaign or performance-based campaign that is not Thanksgiving specific.

Average-CPM_Nov. 2011-2013

Capitalize on Extended Peak Web Traffic

Web traffic typically follows the work schedule, but during holiday vacations people spend more time plugged in during the evening. Advertisers should view the Thanksgiving vacation period as an opportunity to engage potential consumers between 10pm and 4am ET, or the friendlier West Coast hours of 7pm to 1am PT.


Deals Drive a Guaranteed Price to Advertise Thanksgiving-related Promotions or Campaigns

Programmatic deals can provide advertisers with a way to lock in better prices and keep their ads highly visible during peak spending periods. Additionally, Deals can be a powerful tool to better manage incremental budgets. Want to take advantage of programmatic deals? Learn more about AppNexus Deals or check out our recent product announcement around Packages.

Arming yourself with the right data and programmatic strategies can transform this holiday season from stressful to successful. AppNexus is here to help you #WinInProgrammatic, so take the first step by downloading the full whitepaper here


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