The Best Holiday Programmatic Buying Strategies

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Holiday Spending Is Here. Buy Programmatic Smarter.

Garnering attention amid the December advertising noise requires expertise and focus. Advertisers can still deliver their messages, but it will take some innovative strategy and AppNexus has you covered. We’ve identified the best holiday programmatic buying strategies that will put you ahead of the ad tech power game in 2015 and #WinInProgrammatic.

Download the full whitepaper here and gain the insights to have the Best. Christmas. Ever.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Beware of Saturation:

Christmas is still the largest shopping holiday of the year, and logically, demand, spend and prices are astronomically high starting in the beginning of December and leading up to the holiday season.  Prices traditionally increase 19 percent between December 1 and December 28. Consequently, buyers should concentrate on buying in early or late December, and lock in prices with Deals.

CPMs are even higher across popular holiday-content categories like Arts & Entertainment, Computers & Electronics and Food & Drink.   Note that Food & Drink content category garners the highest CPMs before and right after Christmas.

It’s important to keep in mind that CPMs drop after Christmas, so unless your campaign is holiday-specific, you may want to wait for a better deal.

Average CPM

Retail Still Does Well:

Programmatic advertising offers savvy advertisers a way to entice shoppers for generally low costs. During the holiday season, advertisers of retail goods (including computers, electronics, video games, apparel, and sporting goods) should expect lower CPAs despite higher CPMs


Don’t Stop After Christmas:

The true opportunity to capitalize on performance lies after Christmas. Data suggests that CPMs drop drastically in the beginning of January while Conversion Rates also rise.

Online Communities_CPM

The Mobile Opportunity

Side step holiday prices by exploring a newer, less frequently tapped marketplace: Buy Mobile.

Historically, mobile fill rates in December 2013 were low, and the trend is continuing in 2014. In November, mobile fill rates stood at approximately 51%, which means that the mobile marketplace can onboard the increase in demand.



The recommendations in the full whitepaper will help buyers programmatically navigate throughout the holiday season and beyond and start thinking ahead for the holiday season 2015 as well.  Global buyers will also find good fodder as the report also explores programmatic buying around the world, comparing trends in EMEA and Canada as well as the US.  Happy Holidays from AppNexus!


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