Brand Safety: The AppNexus Commitment

In light of recent news stories about inventory quality in programmatic exchanges, AppNexus is pleased to clarify the steps that we take to protect the brand safety of buyers who transact in our marketplace. We have strong inventory quality policies in place, and we endeavor to enforce these policies consistently and in real time.

Specifically, AppNexus bars from its marketplace domains that:

  • Violate our prohibitions against hate speech, piracy, pornography, and graphic violence;
  • Promote the sale of firearms, ammunition, or explosives;
  • Fail to meet technical and creative standards;
  • Attract invalid non-human traffic;
  • Act primarily as content farms (i.e., are intended purely to generate advertising impressions);
  • Engage in deceptive acts in commerce (a category that includes but is not limited to “fake news”).


Over the past several years, we have invested significant resources to develop both automated and human processes to detect and either remediate or remove offending domains. Specifically, we employ a standalone team of data scientists and auditors tasked with maintaining the quality of our marketplace.

In addition, where appropriate, we share information with our ecosystem partners and ask that customers bring to our immediate attention any potential violations of our marketplace rules. We also work closely with third-party verification services that have integrated with our core platform, and we offer tools to customers who elect to operate in a white-listed environment.

Of course, it’s one thing to announce a set of policies. It’s another matter altogether to enforce them consistently and on an ongoing basis.

Our decision several months ago to bar the political domain from our marketplace for violation of our hate speech policy was controversial. It did not draw uniform praise within the industry or among general interest news outlets. But it was emblematic of our commitment to safeguard the brand safety of buyers who transact in our marketplace.

To the best of our ability, AppNexus will continue to invest in its enforcement processes and maintain a marketplace that meets the high standards that our customers expect.

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Pi Week: A Recap of AppNexus’ Data Science Extravaganza

This post comes to us from Stephanie Tzeng. Stephanie is a Senior Data Scientist at AppNexus, primarily designing and prototyping algorithms to improve bid optimization for buyers in our marketplace

In the technology age, people and organizations have been able to generate an unprecedented amount of data, tracking different transactions, connections, images, text – anything you can think of. Now rich with data, businesses were hungry for insights from all this new information! It was only logical that the data science field would rapidly expand to fill this appetite.

So, what is data science? Data science is a field that combines mathematics, modeling, analytics, and computer science to find information from the exponential increase of data.

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3 Ways AppNexus Is Creating a Better Video Internet

Last month, AppNexus SVP of Video Technology Eric Hoffert took the stage at the Online Marketing Rockstars conference in Hamburg. You couldn’t have picked a better speaker for this event — in the ‘70s, Eric was an actual rockstar whose band, The Speedies, had a hit song. Eric even interspersed some of the band’s music videos into his presentation, but that’s a story for another blog post. The real focus of Eric’s talk was creating a better video internet.

Video is one of the fastest-growing channels on the internet. Stats show that the average U.S. adult spends one hour and 12 minutes a day watching online video, compared to just 46 minutes in 2013. As a result, ad spend for digital video has increased rapidly. But to continue on this trajectory, we need technology that improves the way video ads are served.

With his pro musician days behind him, Eric’s focus is on building that technology. During his speech, he talked about some of the latest tools and techniques that are making video better for publishers, advertisers, and end users alike. We’ve broken down three of our favorites below.

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Brian O’Kelley at IAB: How the AdTech Renaissance Will Happen (Part 2 of 2)


This is Part 2 of a two-part recap of Brian O’Kelley’s speech on the AdTech Renaissance. You can check out Part 1 here!


In Part 1, we covered what O’Kelley believes the adtech renaissance will look like. He predicted:

  • Fairer, more efficient transactions between buyers and sellers
  • Native ads that resonate with consumers on a human level
  • More personalized ads for every user, driven by machine learning


O’Kelley is predicting that this bright future will benefit everyone — publishers, advertisers, and of course, readers. But how do we actually make the adtech renaissance happen?

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Brian O’Kelley at IAB: The AdTech Renaissance is Coming (Part 1 of 2)

This is Part 1 of a two-part recap of Brian O’Kelley’s speech on the AdTech Renaissance. Check out Part 2 here!


At the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting last month, AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley delivered an optimistic speech on the future of adtech. O’Kelley believes that adtech is on the verge of a renaissance that will benefit all parties—publishers, advertisers, and of course, consumers.

An impending renaissance might seem like a bold claim for an industry that’s always changing. What makes right now different from any other time? Here’s our breakdown of why O’Kelley thinks adtech is on the verge of a renaissance — on Thursday, we’ll tell you how he thinks we’ll get there.

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