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Ad Viewability On Track To Become The New Currency Of Online Advertising

To hear more about this topic, attend the Viewability Panel being led by Laurent at this year’s IAB RTB Conference 2015. In my previous post, I wrote about the latest IAB recommendations regarding trading on viewable impressions. This week, the IAB Europe … Continue reading

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2015: Ad Viewability Finally Grows Up

  When my Alenty co-founder Nicolas Thomas and I “birthed” our viewability start up in 2007,  we were amazed by the potential of this new born creature. One year later, in 2008, the company took its “first steps” when we … Continue reading

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Ad-Viewability for Branding Campaigns

Is ad-viewability only for branding campaigns? No, but as it is easier to explain, let’s start with branding campaigns, and keep direct response campaigns for another blog post. First, what is a branding campaign? You cannot find a definition on … Continue reading

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What does the MRC certification mean?

The Media Rating Council (MRC) is an American independent industry organization whose mission is to ensure valid, reliable and effective audience measurement services. MRC accreditation certifies that a company’s procedures adhere to the MRC’s Minimum Standards for Ratings Research and … Continue reading

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What Is Viewability?

Ad-viewability is an old advertising concept that still applies to new digital media today. The Internet, as a media, cumulates the strengths and weaknesses of print and television: just like the press, the Internet allows simultaneous consumption of content and … Continue reading

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