How Publishers Can Monetize Video (Even Without Video Content!)

Note: This post is a recap of our recent webinar on video monetization for publishers. You can watch a recording of it here!

Nearly every publisher and advertiser we work with tells us they want to do more with video, and the reason is simple: it’s one of the fastest-growing content formats on the internet.

Digital video is surging in popularity, with the average U.S. adult now watching 72 minutes per day versus just 46 in 2013. At the same time, we’re seeing the audience for traditional broadcast TV shrink as consumers, particularly younger ones, cut the cord and shift all of their video watching online. These trends, combined with the advanced targeting capabilities of online marketing, are driving more and more ad dollars into digital video. Experts estimate that advertisers will spend more than $13.23 billion on digital video in 2017, up from just $7.68 billion in 2015.

As this opportunity increases, we want to help publishers of all shapes and sizes leverage the tools that help them monetize video – even if they have no video content of their own – in a way that maximizes user experience. That was the purpose of our recent webinar: No Video, No Problem.

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AppNexus Summit Recap: Building the Road to a Better Internet

We were thrilled to kick off our recent Summit event with the announcement that Axel Springer – one of Europe’s largest publishers – will be migrating onto the AppNexus Adserver. Our CEO Brian O’Kelley actually flew straight to London to deliver his opening address after signing the contract at Axel Springer’s Berlin headquarters.

But while he was in Berlin, Brian learned more about the media giant’s founding principles, and couldn’t help but notice how applicable they still are today, 71 years later. Axel Springer is dedicated to ideals like the promotion of democracy, free market economics tempered by social responsibility, and a rejection of political extremism.

Those are principles we can all get behind. But unfortunately, they’ve largely been absent from digital publishing and advertising of late.

Why? To put it simply, the internet is broken. That’s why we came together at Summit last week to discuss one key goal: how to build a better internet.

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Mother’s Day 2017: Data-Driven Tips for Buyers and Sellers

For most people, Mother’s Day is a time to ask, “What’s the perfect gift for mom this year?” But digital publishers and advertisers are likely asking themselves, “What programmatic strategy will maximize my revenue and meet my company’s business objectives this Mother’s Day?”

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Real-Time Real Talk: Prebid.js

“Real-Time Real Talk” is an ongoing blog series that seeks to clarify the “what”, “why”, and “how” behind ad-tech innovations.

Prebid.js is a free header bidding wrapper developed and incubated by AppNexus. But before we tell you all about it, let’s take a step back and talk about what header bidding wrappers are and why publishers use them in the first place.

Publishers began adopting header bidding way back in 2015 with great results, but there was one key problem: There was no simple way for publishers to manage their header bidding integrations with all the demand partners they wanted to work with. For each new partner, publishers had to add new code their site, keep it bug-free and updated, and make sure it wasn’t adding latency – all very difficult and time-consuming.

Enter the header bidding wrapper. The wrapper is a single piece of code that holds the tags for all of a publisher’s header bidding demand partners, making it easy for publishers to add partners according to their needs and manage the integrations on an ongoing basis.

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Infographic: Server-to-Server Header Bidding Explained

Server-to-server header bidding is gaining popularity, as it promises to improve on the client-side header bidding setup that’s already gotten great results for publishers. But at the same time, many publishers don’t know exactly how it works or whether or not they should be experimenting with it.

If you’re in that boat, then not to worry — AppNexus has you covered. We’ve created a handy infographic that compares the ad call process for server-to-server versus client-side header bidding and lays out the potential pros and cons of each. Check it out below!

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