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How to Survive Black Friday – A Primer for Programmatic

Download the complimentary Black Friday whitepaper here and check out some of the highlights below. — Shoppers aren’t the only post-recession savvy spenders during the holiday season. In recent years, advertisers have increasingly used programmatic media to buy advertising that efficiently … Continue reading

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AppNexus Completes Acquisition of Open AdStream

Today we’re happy to announce our acquisition of Open AdStream® (OAS) has officially closed along with the completion of our $110M investment round. We are embarking on an exciting path to transform the ad server and are also marking an … Continue reading

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Elisabeth DeMarse, Chairman & CEO of TheStreet, Joins the AppNexus Board

Today I am thrilled to welcome Elisabeth DeMarse, Chairman and CEO, TheStreet, Inc., to the AppNexus board of directors where she will serve as chair of our compensation committee. This appointment is another key milestone, along with our acquisition of … Continue reading

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Ad-Viewability for Branding Campaigns

Is ad-viewability only for branding campaigns? No, but as it is easier to explain, let’s start with branding campaigns, and keep direct response campaigns for another blog post. First, what is a branding campaign? You cannot find a definition on … Continue reading

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Life@AppNexus: Caring About Developing vs. Being a Developer

Jack Lenehan is a software engineer based in our AppNexus Portland office. When he’s not busy crafting a seamless UI, he’s bouldering, playing ultimate frisbee, or lost somewhere in the Gorge. This blog post comes in response to a request … Continue reading

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What can context do for traders?

Have you ever walked in on someone telling a joke and only heard the punchline? Without context, important content can become meaningless. At AppNexus, we share a sense for the importance of context, and it’s a constant goal of ours … Continue reading

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What does the MRC certification mean?

The Media Rating Council (MRC) is an American independent industry organization whose mission is to ensure valid, reliable and effective audience measurement services. MRC accreditation certifies that a company’s procedures adhere to the MRC’s Minimum Standards for Ratings Research and … Continue reading

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The White Whale

At a company meeting in late 2008, an employee asked me what my goal was for AppNexus. With a cheeky grin, I said “to be a billion dollar company!” After the meeting, Mike Nolet, my co-founder, said I had missed … Continue reading

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What Is Viewability?

Ad-viewability is an old advertising concept that still applies to new digital media today. The Internet, as a media, cumulates the strengths and weaknesses of print and television: just like the press, the Internet allows simultaneous consumption of content and … Continue reading

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Why I chose AppNexus

In 2007, Alenty was the first company in the world that succeeded in actually measuring whether or not online ads are viewable. I knew from first sight that this was a very important concept for the advertising industry. (Photo: AppNexus … Continue reading

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