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AppNexus Packages Makes Deals Even Easier

When AppNexus set out to build a better way to transact deals in RTB, our main goal was to reduce the time it took for buyers and sellers to go from deal negotiation to delivery. So far, we’ve been pretty … Continue reading

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AppNexus Deals Open Beta: A Step Beyond Today’s Deal ID Limits

Today we are excited to introduce our Deals Open Beta! All Console customers are invited to explore our newest Deals capabilities. But first, a word on how we got here. Deal ID: The good, the bad, and the ugly Deal … Continue reading

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Product Perspectives: Winning the Long Term Quality Battle

In recent posts we defined the different types of invalid activity and low quality activity that we’re seeing in the industry today, and then outlined the immediate actions we are undertaking to fight against the issues. Since this is a … Continue reading

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Product Perspectives: What We’re Doing About Quality Right Now

As mentioned in our previous blog post on Addressing Quality, there are numerous categories of invalid activities that are happening in the industry today. Each category requires significant attention and investment on our part to keep invalid activity off our … Continue reading

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Product Perspectives: Addressing Quality

One of the main goals we’re working on in the product organization is communicating more about product investments externally. We are starting this week with Inventory Quality. We have long taken an industry-leading stance on quality and piracy, and nothing … Continue reading

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