Germany is a Premium Market for Programmatic

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At last summer’s European AppNexus summit, my presentation focused on the different marketplaces across Europe, and how each of these is uniquely defined by consumer behavior. I shared some numbers from emarketer at the time on predictions of the penetration of programmatic into the wider display market in each country across Europe. Germany is the second largest market for digital display in Europe, yet it’s estimated that programmatic will make up just 33% of that market by 2017, compared to 59% in the UK and 56% in France. [Source: emarketer]

These numbers alone don’t paint the full picture. Globally, the AppNexus platform delivered an average of over 34 billion ad impressions a day in 2014, meaning that we see in-depth market dynamics in every country in which we operate. In Germany, this data gives meaningful insight on how the market is developing and what makes it unique. For the first time, we are now able to share this insight and today launch the first in an ad-hoc series of reports, which you can access here. As you’d expect, the detailed analysis is in German, but I thought it useful to share some of the high level findings from the whitepaper with a wider audience:


  1. Firstly, despite the predictions referenced earlier, we’re seeing significant growth in RTA in Germany, with a 54% increase in programmatic impressions in 2014 and an 85% increase in revenues traded over the platform
  2. Between 8% – 10% of all of the inventory traded through the AppNexus platform in Germany is done so within the Deals marketplace
  3. There are more impressions on large formats, such as billboards and half page ads, in Germany than in any other market worldwide
  4. Linking the previous two points, 70-90% of the large formats traded through the AppNexus platform in Germany are also done so on Deals

These numbers tell an interesting story. Of course, the growth in the market is positive, but it’s what’s driving that growth that’s most interesting. What’s unique about the data is the relatively high percentage of both Deals transactions and large format sizes. This provides support for our theory that the German market is unique and dynamic, and really focused on developing strong relationships between buyers and sellers. The findings show that it is premium inventory that’s driving the growth that we’re seeing in Germany, which is why you see revenues are growing faster than impressions. We’ve used these insights to really drive our strategic investments and positioning in Germany, so that we can help our customers be better positioned to win. So while penetration of the German display market may be lower than in other countries for programmatic, its application is tightly focused and offers massive opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike.

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