AppNexus Packages Makes Deals Even Easier

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When AppNexus set out to build a better way to transact deals in RTB, our main goal was to reduce the time it took for buyers and sellers to go from deal negotiation to delivery. So far, we’ve been pretty successful: since our Deals Beta release in early May, over half of AppNexus clients using deals have been able to agree to terms and serve ads in under an hour. Compare that to a typical Deal ID transaction elsewhere, where a deal can take days or even weeks to go live.

We’ve accomplished these dramatic efficiency gains by significantly reducing the number of steps in the deal negotiation, execution, and monitoring processes.

Prior to AppNexus Deals, getting a deal to go live required about 16 steps involving individuals representing the buyer, seller, and DSP and SSP support teams:

deal workflow steps - 1

By centralizing deal management onto a single platform, AppNexus Deals cuts five steps from this process for buyers and sellers:

deal workflow steps - 2

Today, we’re excited to announce the wide release of AppNexus Packages, which streamlines deal-making even further by giving the buyer control over discovery and execution:

deal workflow steps - 3

It can’t get much easier!

AppNexus Packages allows a seller to set up a catalog of standardized deals in order to offer their most valuable assets to buyers. Flexible merchandising tools empower a seller to define and customize packages and rates to meet an individual buyer’s needs. Permalinks enable a seller to point any buyer directly to their listings, regardless of what platform the buyer uses to execute deals.

For a buyer, the toolset is just as easy to use. A buyer can browse sellers’ listings to find premium inventory that is aligned to their needs; select the items they want; check out; and have their new deals show up for targeting with a just few clicks. This streamlined process eliminates a lot of the opportunity for human error and gets deals live in moments.


With AppNexus Packages, we’re excited to further empower our customers to grow their business relationships in the programmatic space.

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