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The Alchemy of Org Building: Career Development from the Inside Out, Part 1

In 2009, I was living in Poland having a great experience working for Hewlett-Packard.  HP had acquired Opsware, the start-up I worked for, two years prior. As much as I enjoyed the HP experience, I wanted to get back to … Continue reading

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Ad-Viewability for Branding Campaigns

Is ad-viewability only for branding campaigns? No, but as it is easier to explain, let’s start with branding campaigns, and keep direct response campaigns for another blog post. First, what is a branding campaign? You cannot find a definition on … Continue reading

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Life@AppNexus: Caring About Developing vs. Being a Developer

Jack Lenehan is a software engineer based in our AppNexus Portland office. When he’s not busy crafting a seamless UI, he’s bouldering, playing ultimate frisbee, or lost somewhere in the Gorge. This blog post comes in response to a request … Continue reading

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What can context do for traders?

Have you ever walked in on someone telling a joke and only heard the punchline? Without context, important content can become meaningless. At AppNexus, we share a sense for the importance of context, and it’s a constant goal of ours … Continue reading

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