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Last November I stood onstage at the AppNexus Summit with Mike Nolet and four great partners introducing our AppNexus App Marketplace. The vision we outlined was ambitious — we were going to end fragmentation in online advertising. The mechanism was an apps program built specifically for the sophisticated buyers and sellers who utilize the AppNexus ad serving stack.

The reaction to the App Marketplace was overwhelming with over forty incoming applications to develop new apps. We’ve been busy ever since, working with developers to roll out the most relevant and integrated functionality within the AppNexus Console. This week we’re excited to announce our second slate of apps, all available immediately to AppNexus customers. These apps expand the scope of the App Marketplace beyond data sharing and show the power of the platform. Some highlights:

• AdExtent’s Dynamic Ads App creates dynamic creatives customized to your advertisers’ retargeting campaigns just by entering a landing page URL. The campaigns are pushed directly to your AppNexus account as new campaigns from within the app.

• Skinected’s Custom Ads App easily executes “skinned” ads where the background of the page is changed to the advertiser’s image, right from within the AppNexus Console.

• BannerConnect’s Mark & Mini App, our first European entry, represents the first time an AppNexus ad serving customer has also extended its own functionality to other customers on the platform. This app is available to all customers but is focused on the Dutch market.

• Exact Drive’s Campaign Builder App is a sophisticated media buying and planning technology for RTB buying giving visibility into inventory available on the AppNexus platform. This app is currently only available to Exact Drive clients.

• Glow Digital’s Glow Machine App integrates Facebook media buys into the AppNexus Console giving common customers a single view of cross-channel activity.

In addition, we’re happy to introduce AppNexus Apps…Apps (yes, we’re being recursive, deal with it). The AppNexus engineering team has built a Debug Auction App that lets you select a tag, geography, and other targeting criteria then see a detailed debug log showing all the relevant decisions our ad server is making in order to diagnose why and how your ads are being selected.

And finally, not to be left out, the AppNexus services team has built a new AppNexus Network Dashboard App, the first of our “Labs” Apps, for viewing network-level data in graphical format.  Labs Apps will be a collection of prototype tools built by AppNexus leveraging the fast, responsive environment of the apps platform.  They will allow customers to experiment with and use new visualizations tools, client dashboards, and other innovative and exciting functionality in development.

More detail on all these exciting apps below…

AdExtent – Dynamic Ads App

The AdExtent App lets you create dynamic creatives with ease. You choose a creative template and an advertiser product page and the AdExtent App does the rest. A custom creative is pushed into your account and you can optimize or target as you would any other creative.

Skinected – Custom Ads App

Skinected uses the unused ‘white space’ in the browser window to display engaging “skinned” ads. The Skinected App automates custom ad integrations at scale by providing advertisers with a high-impact ad unit and publishers with an efficient way to add quality incremental revenue. An example Skinected ad is shown below.

Exact Drive – Campaign Builder App

Exact Drive offers a streamlined digital media planning and buying application integrated into AppNexus inventory. The Exact Drive App allows you to manage a single ad or multiple campaigns. Changes take effect fast and feedback is available in minutes. Build, review, and share your media plans for free. Then, when you are ready, you are only one click away from turning your media plan into an active media buy. This app is in limited availability.

BannerConnect – Mark & Mini App (Dutch only)

The Mark & Mini App lets you access and target more than 5,000,000 consumer profiles from Mark & Mini. Profiles include socio-demographic, lifestyle and intention properties. (Note: this app is for Dutch audiences only and the UI is in Dutch).

Glow Digital – Glow Machine App

Glow Machine for Facebook Ads allows you to apply more detailed insight across channels, match segments or bidding approaches that work on social, and introduce them to your display buy or vice versa. The Glow Machine App lets you use a single sign-on to see your display campaigns in AppNexus and your social campaigns in the app.

AppNexus – Debug Auction App

A debug auction goes through the motions of a real auction without actually logging or serving anything and presents the results in text form. The Debug Auction App allows you to set parameters for the auction including the impression’s geography, ad tag, and referrer URL.

AppNexus Labs – Network Dashboard Tool App

Direct from Scott M. in our Global Services group, the Network Dashboard Tool App allows you to view network-level graphs of network profit, advertiser and publisher impressions and CPM by day, clicks and conversions by time of day, and publisher impression type. (Note: “AppNexus Labs” Apps may not be fully baked and results may vary.)

For more information about the AppNexus Apps program, check out our overview video or visit the AppNexus Apps webpage.

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