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Adsurance Discrepancy Monitor App

We’re concluding our Eight More Days of Apps series with AdSurance’s Discrepancy Monitor App. This app helps solve challenges associated with large reporting incongruities between different ad servers. The Adsurance App streamlines the monitoring and investigation of discrepancies by tracking … Continue reading

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Pixalate A360 App

The next app in our series is for those looking to improve the performance of their creatives. With the Pixalate A360 App, you can gain powerful insights into your creatives’ effectiveness using real-time analytics dashboards. Using the Pixalate app is … Continue reading

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FlxOne FlxAds App

Tonight is our AppNexus Apps Fair and today’s featured app is from one of our exhibiting app providers. In addition to their FlxPxl App, FlxOne now offers the FlxAds App delivering a dynamic creative solution for brand and performance campaigns. … Continue reading

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eXelate Modeled Audience eXtension App

eXelate, one of our inaugural app providers, recently released their second offering for the AppNexus App Marketplace. The eXelate Modeled Audience eXtension App (maX) is a new app that helps you build custom modeled audiences using first and third party … Continue reading

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BrightRoll Video Ads App

The second video app to enter the AppNexus App Marketplace comes to us from BrightRoll. Known in the online video space, BrightRoll created their Video Ads App to simplify the process of video advertising. Using BrightRoll’s App, you’ll be able … Continue reading

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Aggregate Knowledge Media Intelligence Platform App

In late June, Aggregate Knowledge (AK) introduced their Media Intelligence Platform App to the AppNexus App Marketplace. The AK App is designed to help improve your ROI by connecting media and audience data investments on a single platform. The AK … Continue reading

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Adgent Digital +Video App

This quarter brought us not one but two video apps! The first one we are highlighting is the Adgent Digital +Video App. This app is for publishers looking to run video advertising but don’t have video-compatible inventory. With the +Video … Continue reading

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Eight More Days of Apps

In honor of our upcoming AppNexus Apps Fair next Monday, we thought it would be fun to continue our app-a-day blog series. A few months back we did a series of posts entitled “30 Apps in 30 Days” and we’re … Continue reading

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The World of Display Advertising Just Got a Lot Bigger

Like some 200 million other users in the US, I’ve spent my share of time on Facebook. Yet I am still amazed when I hear stats like “one in every five page views occurs on”[i] That sounds like a … Continue reading

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