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Day 30: Exact Drive Campaign Builder App

We’ve reached the finale of our “30 Apps in 30 Days” series and we conclude with Exact Drive’s Campaign Builder App. The Campaign Builder App is a simple and transparent media planning and buying tool. The app guides you through … Continue reading

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Day 29: BannerConnect Bright Lite App

Our penultimate featured app is BannerConnect’s Bright Lite App. This is the second app developed by BannerConnect for the AppNexus App Marketplace. BannerConnect developed this app to provide their clients with customized views and reporting on the metrics that matter … Continue reading

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Day 28: CPX Interactive Publisher App

The last three days of our “30 Apps in 30 Days” blog post series will cover three apps built by ad networks for the private use of their clients. These are great examples of the flexibility of the apps platform … Continue reading

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Day 27: uKnow BluePrints App

uKnow’s BluePrint™ App provides simple and powerful planning, targeting and optimization, allowing you to create custom contextual channels in less than five minutes. The BluePrint App empowers you to build custom audiences utilizing uKnow’s semantic analysis and natural language processing … Continue reading

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Day 26: TRUSTe 1-click AdChoices App

Privacy policies are best practice when doing behaviorally targeted campaigns. In fact, many states and countries are starting to make the disclosure of data collection and use a requirement. The TRUSTe App can help you meet these requirments and help … Continue reading

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Day 25: TARGUSinfo Audience Wizard App

One of the earliest apps to enter the App Marketplace is the TARGUSinfo Audience Wizard App. This app lets you create customized audience groups based on TARGUSinfo’s offline data – including thousands of demographic, branding, product, lifestyle/lifestage and consumer behavior … Continue reading

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Day 24: Skinected Custom Ads App

The Skinected Custom Ads App automates the creation and deployment of high impact custom ad units. The app uses proprietary technology to eliminate manual rich media development by converting creatives into standardized ad units called ‘skins,” which turn unused whitespace … Continue reading

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Day 23: Proximic Agents App

Proximic has made their powerful contextual data more accessible for your media buying efforts with the Agents App. The app lets you create and manage Proximic Agents which work continually to scan all available inventory on AppNexus based on specific … Continue reading

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Day 22: Peer39 Ad Stats Creative Targeting App

The Peer39 Ad Stats application allows customers to target Above The Fold (ATF) Index attributes at the creative level.  The ATF Index is divided into three attributes that relate to the likeliness of the ad unit being viewed: High, Medium … Continue reading

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Day 21: Lotame Crowd Control App

Today we focus on another one of our inaugural apps: the Lotame Crowd Control App. This app lets you access the Lotame Audience Builder to build audiences using your first party data, purchase third-party data, and make your audiences available … Continue reading

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