We’ve Seen It Before, We’ll See It Again: How Closed Systems Fall

In an age of burgeoning skyscrapers and factories, U.S. Steel commanded a global reach and scale that allowed it – for a certain time – to set the pace of the entire steel industry. The first company in America valued at over one billion dollars (the modern-day equivalent of over $40 billion), the company commanded roughly 66 percent of the world’s total steel output in its earliest years of operation.

When U.S. Steel’s first President, Elbert Gary, called on other steel magnates to adopt the same high prices for steel that his company asked for, they fell into line. Through “administered pricing,” where the prices of goods and services are determined by backroom deals rather than free-market forces, a closed ecosystem was created. Prices were fixed, competition was forbidden and technological innovation was discouraged.

Digital publishers of 2017, take note.

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AppNexus Programmable Bidder: How Data Science Gives Buyers Greater Control Over Bidding Strategy

Programmatic advertising has enabled marketers to target their audiences more efficiently and buy inventory they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. But digital advertisers haven’t had great options for implementing a bidding strategy that perfectly aligns with each campaign’s unique KPIs.

That’s the problem we set out to solve when we built the AppNexus Programmable Bidder (APB) two years ago. APB allows marketers to upload their own algorithms onto the AppNexus platform, change them at will, and see their bidding strategy change accordingly in real time.

In this post, we’re going to look at how data science makes APB such a valuable tool for marketers and give you a sneak peek at some of its upcoming improvements.

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Watch these AppNexians Explain the Ins and Outs of 3 Key Buyer Tools

A few months back, we hosted our NYC Optimize conference. Optimize is geared toward the folks who put the tech in ad tech – engineers, data scientists, product managers, and the like. It’s a great opportunity for technologists from our industry’s leading companies to meet and share knowledge with one another.

But if you’re not a tech whiz yourself, don’t worry – Optimize has something for you too: our Break Down the Breakouts video series.

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Returnships: Helping Caregivers Reclaim Their Careers in Tech

Replete with a B.S. in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon, America’s top-ranked “STEMinist college,” where more women graduate in STEM per year than any other institution of higher learning in the U.S., it seemed Ellein Cheng was well on her way to an accomplished career in science and technology.

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3 Key Questions in the Fight Against Fake News


In the last year, fake news has become a deeply troubling issue, as purposefully false stories have amassed millions of impressions on platforms like Google’s YouTube and Facebook and are even thought to have influenced elections around the world. The sites publishing these stories make money from programmatic advertising, and in many cases, brands are unaware that their ads are appearing next to them. It’s not just fake news either – sites hosting extreme or hateful content are doing the same in many cases.

Fake news isn’t just misleading people. We’ve now seen the term enter the poltical lexicon as a catch-all accusation against any negative press coverage. Clearly, online discourse has real world consequences. So at our recent Summit event, we decided to bring in the experts. Jeff Jarvis, Director of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, and Alexi Mostrous, Head of Investigations for The Times of London, have written extensively about the fake news phenomenon, and they were kind enough to join us for a fireside chat last month in London.

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